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US Use of EMF Weapons Devices on humans

Utilizations of Ultrasound in Medicine Abdominal muscle Assessment Using Waves Presentation Ultrasound is a sound wave with a swaying pressure wave with frequencies extending from 20 kHz until roughly 200 MHz. These frequencies are not perceptible to people. Ultrasonic gadgets are utilized to recognize articles and measure the separation between them. Ultrasound has been all the more much of the time utilized in clinical imaging showing the patient an item in their body or just for the most part taking a gander at their body. Ultrasound apparently is getting well known because of it not transmitting any radiations not at all like X-Rays. [6] Employments of Ultrasound Ultrasound is utilized in the clinical division as a methods for imaging, empowering clinical staff to see the patients body with no serious issues. The most widely recognized utilization of Ultrasound in the clinical division is its utilization in what is called a â€Å"ultrasound scan†. This is utilized to extend a moving picture of a baby inside a pregnant womans body. A case of this can be seen on the left. Ultrasound isn't just used to distinguish unborn babies yet additionally see a few organs in the body through ‘prenatal scanning’: a similar strategy utilized for a ultrasound filter. Since ultrasound effectively reflect off delicate tissue, gel should be added to the piece of the body where the sweep will be directed. A transducer is then used to produce the ultrasound waves and recognize any echoes it gets from the reflected waves. During the way toward checking the waves likewise disintegrate bits of gallstone which dwell inside our organs, with their steady vibrations.[6][7][12] Another utilization of Ultrasound is reverberation sounding. This is utilized by the quality control industry to recognize imperfections in bits of metal. As a ultrasound wave is being gone through the metal, it will arrive at the imperfection region in the metal and the reflected wave that happened to the deformity zone will be gotten by the transducer that transmitted the wave. On the off chance that there is more than one reflected wave it implies the metal is imperfection. [7][12][13][15] â€Å"Ultrasound waves can be utilized by the business for cleaning.†[12] The waves are sent through a liquid and air pockets shaped from the vibration of the ultrasound expel earth from an article. The item which is put in water or another dissolvable has liquid breakdown into the hole deserted from the dissolvable. The air pockets at that point move quickly, evacuating the soil and bringing about a rising above standard of cleanliness.[12][15] Perils and Risks The risks of Ultrasound are impressively low contrasted with different waves. Despite the fact that there is no significant danger in utilizing ultrasound it has its dangers which could hurt the client. Unnecessary introduction to ultrasound influxes of 120dB can prompt hearing misfortune. [6] Unnecessary introduction of ultrasound waves at 155dB will cause cavitation warming up the clients body cells. [6] Extreme introduction to ultrasound floods of 180dB may prompt passing. [6] Cavitation may make the clients cells heat up and summon poisonous responses. [23] Change in cells may cause Intestinal dying. [23] Harm to fetus’s cerebrum may prompt left handedness. [23] Pre-birth sweeps may cause early work, untimely birth, unnatural birth cycle and perinatal passings. [23] Potential incapacities shaped are: epilepsy, dyslexia and deferred discourse improvement. [23] Ultrasound in Physiotherapy â€Å"The point of physiotherapy is to help reestablish development and typical body work in instances of sickness, injury and disability.†. [1] Physiotherapy attempts to fix debilitated body capacities from influenced individuals. Ultrasound has discovered its way into this world, carrying it’s helpful treatment strategies with it. It’s used to treat profound tissue wounds, lessen torment from fits as wells as aggravation and swellings, increment tissue extensibility, accelerate digestion, diminish nerve bothering, upgrade sedate conveyance and accelerate mending. Ultrasound animates the blood flow and the movement of cells to aid the therapeutics. [1] [3] The ultrasound recurrence that is utilized for physiotherapy runs somewhere in the range of 0.7 and 3 MHz. [5] Gel is applied to the patients body to decrease erosion with the transducer and help the transmission of ultrasound waves. The waves are consumed by tendons, ligaments and sash and the therapeutics in fluence apply. [5] Favorable circumstances and Disadvantages Effects Social Impact Hospitalized labor has increased an abrupt ascent since the twentieth century. This is because of the improved medical clinic innovation and effective labor likelihood. [16] Since ultrasound has been a piece of the medical clinics innovation, moms have needed to see a fetal checking of their unborn kid. This has been done on numerous occasions, however society guards addressing if ultrasound examining is. The reality of having the option to see your unborn kid gives ultrasound an or more point to it’s gainful use. It permitted guardians to discover the sexual orientation of their youngster before conveyance and recognize any variations from the norm that may happen during pregnancy. [16] Moral Impact The utilization of ultrasound in pre-birth filtering is by all accounts that it influences the connection among mother and hatchling. The social correspondence is gone and what remains is correspondence through a PC screen showing the hatchling. The mother will at that point use what she sees as opposed to depending on her exemplified information. [17] Ultrasound carries awkwardness to the ethical remaining of the casualty through harmful harm to the person in question. This raises the ethical familiarity with hatchlings and on the off chance that they ought to be presented to the waves transmitted, which can bring harmful harm. Yet, this will at that point corrupt the moms moral remaining as she additionally turns into a survivor of the harmful harm ultrasound can bring. [17] Moral Impact Ultrasound has been most regularly known for deciding the sexual orientation of the baby. Ultrasound is a modest asset since all you need is a transducer and somebody who can work the gadget. In nations like China and India, guardians abuse this strategy by checking the sexual orientation of their kid and afterward choosing to prematurely end it because of the nations inclination of guys. [18] In india there are 250,000 female feticide premature births every year. The legislature has been attempting to propel individuals into esteeming female embryos yet the Economic and Social effects have lead to the event of this moral issue. [18] End Ultrasound is a protected soundwave with a minor likelihood of incredible dangers. Ultrasound has been demonstrated to be gainful and valuable in many ventures and is famous in the clinical business. It’s a technique utilized in physiotherapy to accelerate recuperating and to improve the general therapeutics. Despite the fact that it has differentiating points of interest and inconveniences, and does not merit suggesting it ought not demoralize anybody from utilizing ultrasound waves. Reference index [1] Physiotherapy How It Works . Physiotherapy. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 May 2014. it-work.aspx>. [2] Rheumatology. Helpful Ultrasound in Soft Tissue Lesions. N.p., n.d. Web. 7 May 2014.>. [3] Ultrasound in Physiotherapy. Ultrasound in Physiotherapy. N.p., n.d. Web. 7 May 2014.>. [4] Does Ultrasound Work? SaveYourselfca RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 7 May 2014.>. [5] Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, n.d. Web. 7 May 2014.>. [6] Ultrasound. Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, n.d. Web. 7 May 2014.>. [7] Ultrasound. Finish My Exams. N.p., n.d. Web. 7 May 2014. science/ultrasound.html>. [8] BBC News. BBC, n.d. Web. 7 May 2014.>. [9] BBC News. BBC, n.d. Web. 7 May 2014.>. [10] BBC News. BBC, n.d. Web. 7 May 2014.>. [11] BBC News. BBC, n.d. Web. 7 May 2014.>. [12] Ultrasound. Ultrasound. N.p., n.d. Web. 7 May 2014.>. [13] What Is Fetal Imaging and Pre-Natal Scanning? What Are the Uses of Ultrasound? N.p., n.d. Web. 7 May 2014.>. [14] Uses of Sound Waves. GCSE Physics Uses of Waves Revision. N.p., n.d. Web. 7 May 2014. science/employments of-waves/amend it/employments of-sound-waves>. [15] Ultrasound. Amendment World. N.p., n.d. Web. 7 May 2014. science/waves/ultrasound>. [16] Ultrasound Technology and Its Social Impact. Yippee Contributor Network. N.p., n.d. Web. 7 May 2014. its-social-sway 6812902.html>. [17] Ultrasounds Risk: Reproductive Autonomy and Epistemic Moral Injury.[emailprotected]. N.p., n.d. Web. 7 May 2014.>. [18] Female Feticide moral Issues of Ultrasound in India and China. Why Is American Health Care so Expensive? N.p., n.d. Web. 7 May 2014. issues-of.html>. [19] BCF Technology. Monetary Benefits of Ultrasound. N.p., n.d. Web. 7 May 2014. advantages of-ultrasound> [20] Benefits of the Use of Ultrasound in Physical Therapy. LIVESTRONG.COM. LIVESTRONG.COM, 7 July 2010. Web. 7 May 2014. of-ultrasound-in-active recuperation/>. [21] Ultrasound Therapy. For Treatment of Sports Injuries. N.p.

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Evaluating Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Assessing Ethics - Essay Example In any case, there is no composed code of morals of the company.1 However, organization chips away at the premise of stewardship in which it characterizes its relationship with the outer world and its part network particularly. This stewardship incorporates some need regions set by the organization which plots its obligations towards the network and outer world. These needs incorporate the dynamic protection of nature, dependable utilization of the outside exercises, adjusting mindful strategic policies to upgrade and improve the outer world, â€Å"foster chances to build support in human-controlled open air diversion, with an emphasis on youth2†. It is a direct result of this explanation that REI has been creating eco-touchy items. â€Å"Everyone at REI is accused of supporting the soul of transparency, trustworthiness and respectability that is so much a piece of the texture of the REI culture. Making the best choice is a lifestyle here. REI has taken a firm position on business morals and social consistence. We hold ourselves and our sellers, both residential and universal, to elevated expectations and pay attention to our pledge to go about as a concerned corporate resident. Our exacting sourcing code guarantees that products conveying the REI mark are made with due respect for laborers and the environment.† (REI) The above statement carefully diagrams different morals of the organization. It not makes reference to about REI’s values yet additionally plainly makes reference to about the responsibility of its representatives. As far as preparing, REI endeavor to convey it on two tallies. One to its representatives and second to its clients so its approach of the protection of nature can be accomplished through advancement of eco-accommodating items. Further, as far as observing, REI fills in as a Co-operation where its individuals are customary guests other than since workers of the association itself have the craving and energy about the outside exercises in this way checking at the organization occur on different tallies. First

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Reduce Blog Bounce Rate Essential Tips You Should Know

Reduce Blog Bounce Rate Essential Tips You Should Know Make Money Online Queries? Struggling To Get Traffic To Your Blog? Sign Up On (HBB) Forum Now!Reduce Blog Bounce Rate: Essential Tips You Should KnowUpdated On 23/04/2017Author : Romy SinghTopic : SEOShort URL : CONNECT WITH HBB ON SOCIAL MEDIA Follow @HellBoundBlogItdoesntmatters how much traffic your blog is receiving unless your blog is not making any conversions from that traffic and the one of worst enemy of the conversion killing is your blog bounce rate.IMAGE CREDIT : SEAN DREILINGER/FLICKRIf your blog has higher bounce rate it simply means that your blog visitors are not staying long enough to take any action on your blog. So it’s become very important that we work on lowering down bounce rate. But first let me give you a short intro on what bounce rate really is.Bounce rate is simply defined as ratio of single page visit or visit in which the visitors left your site from the start. In short it tells us that how many visitors bounce out from your sit e without doing anything. So if you want to increase you conversion then keeping your blog bounce rate to its lowest point is most important and first step that we all should take.Don’t get any wrong impression about bounce rate. That lowering down the bounce rate is a rocket science that we all can’t easily learn and master. No guys! It’s not any rocket science if you really want to lower down your bounce rate then you just has to tweak something that is trampling your blog bounce rate. Because one of major villain that kills your blog conversions is bounce rate.So below I rounded up some suggestions and tweaks that you can use to lower down the graph of your bounce rate.Quality Of Your Audience :Quality of audience matters most if you want to decrease your bounce rate. If your blog is about how to make money online then make sure that you drive only those people to your blog who are really searching for make money online or at least they are related to your niche. Because it useless to send visitors who are looking for how to cut the apple.If you are sending these types of people then it’s definite that the graph of your blog bounce rate is going on high. So if you seriously want to decrease your blog bounce rate and increase your conversion rate then make sure your blog is receiving a very highly targeted audience.Layout Design :Be a very careful when you are choosing or designing theme for your blog. Because a creepy looking blog theme is only going to help you to increase your blog bounce rate. Many of bloggers recommend genesis theme for better bounce rate.The look design of your blog can force your visitors to stay on your blog to read more.Content :Content is major player that help us to have lower bounce rate or higher bounce rate. If your content is good enough and informative to read then your blog bounce rate is automatically going to slide down. If not then you are smart enough to know what’s next.Do you know the main power behind high conversion rate and low bounce rate of Copyblogger problogger is their content? They really provide some quality content all around the blogosphere that automatically slide down there bounce rate and slides up their conversion rate.So make sure you also publish some quality content. And never ever publish any copy content from somewhere else because if you do this it’s only going to trample your credibility and your blog. Really content is king…..READ6 Dangerous Search Engine Optimization MistakesRECOMMENDED : 3 Tips To Write Effective Web ContentWhy Content Is Important For Blogs?HOW TO: Brand Your Blog With Unique ContentYou were born original, Don’t end up copying…..Quotes Sayings :Quotes and sayings are smart way to represent a big story in few lines. And not only that quotes and saying also help us to capture the readers mind and keep them engage with our piece of written words. That’s ultimately going to help you in decrease the bounce rate of your blog.So make su re you include some nice quotes saying in your content pie…Grow the user engagement tree :If you’re content pie is really amazing and your readers are enjoying it. Then they defiantly are going to share their thoughts and opinion in comment area. So make sure that you get back to it with appropriate reply. Because this will going to help you to build more credibility and encourages other blog readers to spend some more time to take part into conversations.Too Much External Links :Putting too much external links on your blog also plays a major role in sliding up the bounce rate of your blog. Because many time readers get distracted to see many links and end up on shutting your blog or some time they click on any link and start reading there. So ultimately you are losing your blog readers and at the same time also increasing your bounce rate.So always try to reduce the number of external links on your blog If you want to slide down your blog bounce rate.Plugins Widgets :Advance sorry for those bloggers who’s blog doesn’t run on WordPress. Because this point is only dedicated to all WordPress bloggers. We all know that WordPress has millions of plugins and widgets that gives us ability to do anything with our blog. And there are also some plugins that helps us to reduce our blog bounce rate like popular post, related post, contest, polls etc..Interlinking your blog post :Interlinking is one of very effective strategies that lots of bloggers are using to lower down their blog bounce rate. Because by interlinking your blog post you are helping your readers to discover your writing milestone without wasting your visitor’s efforts. And makes your blog readers to stay on your blog for little while that ultimately going to slide down your blog bounce rate. Make sure your article linking strategy is not distracting your readers.Playing QA with your readers :Do you know the easiest way to keep your blog readers engage with your blog post is by asking some que stions that they are going to answers in comment section or somewhere else. That’s going to help you to slide down your blog bounce rate.So here are my suggestions to slide down your blog bounce rate ends. Now it’s your turn to spread this post and share your thoughts about this post and tips that you uses to lower down your bounce rate in below comment sections…

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The Major Goals Of Health Promotion - 1654 Words

Overview/Introduction â€Å"The major goals of health promotion are to help people of all ages stay healthy, optimize health in cases of chronic disease or disability, and create healthy environments† (Pender et al., 2015). This health promotion project is designed to identify and reduce the risk factors associated with several illnesses and disease processes. This project will focus on changing lifestyle behaviors and providing up to date education for the patient to make the best informed decision regarding her environment, health behaviors, and developing a support system with her primary care physician. This patient at present, has several diagnoses of severe illnesses. The purpose of this health promotion project will be to help the patient reduce her risk of mortality due to uncontrolled diseases including diabetes, and hypertension. The lifestyle and dietary modifications will be based on Healthy People 2020 objectives, and the Pender Health Promotion model will be used throughout this process. A detailed literature review will be performed to provide rationale for evidence based interventions provided to the patient. Identification of Patient, Problems, Diagnoses, Risk Factors and Behavioral Choices N.A is a 73 year old Caucasian female who presented to the clinic to establish new patient care. She has a former primary care giver in another town, but wanted a physician closer to her home. She does have a health history that includes Diabetes mellitus type II that wasShow MoreRelatedHealth Education And Health Care863 Words   |  4 PagesHealth education encompasses a team of many different providers in a variety of settings. It has a diverse and ever changing role in health care, communities, and schools (Glanz, 2008, p. 13). The health care team works to provide education for patients and also their families. Physician Assistants play a major role in the prevention and detection of disease. With the encouragement to live a healthy lifestyle and the patient/provider discussions about decision making to improve overall health,Read MoreEssay on Health Promotion1354 Words   |  6 PagesHealth promotion and teaching are important tools for nursing. By promoting health and heal th teaching, nurses can help lay the foundation for a healthier future. Major Concepts and Definitions BeliefÂâ€"a statement of sense, declared or implied, that is intellectually and/or emotionally accepted as true by a person or group. AttitudeÂâ€"a relatively constant feeling, predisposition, or a set of beliefs that is directed toward an object, a person, or a situation. ValueÂâ€"a preferenceRead MoreHealth Promotion Model And Mid Range Theory Essay1483 Words   |  6 PagesPender’s Health Promotion Model (HPM) and Mid-Range Theory. These theories differ in terms of the theorists’ backgrounds and their experiences, description of theory, assumptions, and application in nursing practice. Health Promotion Model and Mid-Range Theory The Health Promotion Model was developed by Dr. Nola J. Pender and is used globally for nursing education, research, and practice. This theory helps nursing professionals and practitioners to understand the main determinants of health behaviorsRead More Health Promotion and Teaching as Tools for Nursing Essay1325 Words   |  6 PagesLaying the Foundation for a Healthier Future Health promotion and teaching are important tools for nursing. By promoting health and health teaching, nurses can help lay the foundation for a healthier future. Major Concepts and Definitions Belief–a statement of sense, declared or implied, that is intellectually and/or emotionally accepted as true by a person or group. Attitude–a relatively constant feeling, predisposition, or a set of beliefs that is directedRead MoreReview of a Nursing Journal on an EBP Process: Together with his colleagues at the University of1200 Words   |  5 Pagesspreading evidence-based practices that focus on health promotion. The authors argued that the basis for widespread adoption of evidence-based health promotion practices is mainly dependent on developing and evaluating effective dissemination approaches. Consequently, they created a practical framework based on existing literature on dissemination and their experiences in conducting such practices. The framework is commonly known as the Health Promotion Research Center (HPRC) framework, which was developedRead MoreEssay on Health Promotion1670 Words   |  7 Pages â€Å"Health is defined as a state of physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity† (WHO). Like wise health promotion is the process of increasing the functional capacity of all people hence promote the sense of well-being. In order to accomplish this goal all health care professionals have to work hard by submitting themselves to their patients and community as a whole. Thus globalize health promotion should be the ultimate mission for all health care teamRead MoreThe Grand Nursing Theory Chosen By The Future Apn Is Roy s Model Of Adaptation943 Words   |  4 Pagesperson as man, identifying man as a biopsychosocial being who received a nurse’s services. Roy identified the environment as any and all focal, contextual, and residual stimuli (1970). She addressed the concept of health as an aspect of a man’s life, lying somewhere along the health-sickness continuum (Roy, 1971). In regards to the concept of nursing, Roy identified nursing as a duty that helps and encourages man’s response to environmental stimuli (1970). The additional concept, adaptation, wasRead MoreEvaluation Of The Self Evaluation783 Words   |  4 Pagesas provide directions for improvements. Self-evaluation serves as a reflection of my productivity in a given year, accomp lishments and past mistakes. Self-evaluation has helped me to identify what I need to be successful in my profession and future goals. The main focus of self-appraisals should be positive thus promote confidence, motivation, and dedications. Leddy Healthiness Scale found in the Appendix section of her 2006 book is my healthiness tool for this project. Utilization of Leddy’s ModelRead MoreObesity As A Risk Factor For Cardiac Health844 Words   |  4 Pagesall had the same results to their surveys and data collections and the same conclusion; obesity is a major problem in American society and it leads to multiple health issues. Data shows that obesity is the cause of chronic disease risk, morbidity, high health care costs and social costs (Nestle Jacobson 2000). After the American society has identify obesity as a risk factor for cardiac health, many federal agencies has come up with guidelines, educating American people how to reduce their calorieRead MoreHealth Promotion And Disease Prevention1000 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Health promotion is an attempt to improve the health status of an individual or community, and is concerned with the prevention of disease, though this is not its only purpose, as health is not merely the absence of disease† ( Maben, Clark, 1995, p. 1163). Health promotion is commonly used t erm in health care world, and in current society the promotion of health has greater significance, especially with the rise in consumerism. Health promotion is a vital concept for nursing, symbolizing notions

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Societal Corruption in Fahrenheit 451 - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 648 Downloads: 5 Date added: 2019/04/10 Category Literature Essay Level High school Tags: Fahrenheit 451 Essay Ray Bradbury Essay Did you like this example? Thesis: In science fiction novel Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury conveys the idea that the suppression of opinion can lead to corruption in society, shown when Guy Montag conflicts with the society and himself. Montag, the stray of the pack, conflicts with the society by going against the government with his promotion of knowledge/reading and rebelling the federation, to further support the main idea that limiting the freedom of opinion can lead to societal corruption. Faber had met up with Guy Montag and told him that, We do need knowledge. Books are to remind (Bradbury 86). Faber agrees with Guy, acknowledging his unique curiosity and advocacy for the citizens of this dystopian society, furthermore obtaining the right of knowledge for those who cannot discern the reason behind knowledge like Guy does. Faber and Guy are both acknowledging reading, and both understand why society must read; their endorsement of intelligence goes against civilization, whose societal values and beliefs are based on the foundation of limiting reading, to prevent corruption within the society. By utilizing their prohibited curiosity, Guy and Faber both defy society and the one idea it holds, disunifying all of its structure and values. While Guy opposed society by pure thinking, he had also gone against the products of society when he, shot one continuous pulse of liquid fire on [Beatty] (Bradbury 119). Guy has just killed Beatty, using this murder as his own unique form of rebelling society and the people that were manipulated for societys irrational beliefs. By killing Beatty, it was his unintentional form of revolting against the government because Beatty, whos a fellow fireman, was only a commodity that came out of the affect in societys attempt to keep an orderly fashion; the murder of firemen, created by the government, inadvertently goes against it which also disunifies the structure of society. Montag, an individual who stands out of the norm for society, conflicts with the environment around him and goes out of what they strive to be, rather, he uses his own methods of revolting to advocate for his own beliefs that others may or may not agree with, which happens to be explicitly prohibited in the society. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Societal Corruption in Fahrenheit 451" essay for you Create order In the midst of Montag conflicting with society, he also opposes himself through his doubt and confusion, questioning everything that he has led up to in life, leading to corruption between himself and his thoughts. After having fought with Mildred, Montag realizes that his fate as a fireman was never chosen by him, rather, Was I given a choice? My grandfather and father were firemen. In my sleep, I ran after them (Bradbury 49). Montag starts to begin doubting himself and his decisions, including becoming a fireman, conflicting with himself and getting second thoughts. The act of doubting himself leads to his own corruption, which also effects towards the society because his own doubt is a form of knowledge and opinion; everything the society is trying to prevent. Although Montag begins to doubt his abilities, his doubt comes with confusion and questioning when, Montag hesitated. Was-was it always like this? Our work? (Bradbury 34). Montag has always had a longing to understand why b ooks werent allowed and is not able to understand this longing until getting bewildered by how long the world has continued to disobey books. His confusion right now connects to the constant longing of an explanation towards why knowledge is limited in his society, and only motivates him more to find the true meaning behind books and the reason why they are limited. Montags confusion only allows for himself to be corrupted because, yet again, his baffled thoughts are a form of knowledge and information; although he may be confused as to who had allowed for intelligence to fade into darkness, his confusion is the fuel to light the flame within this darkness to galvanize him into realizing the corruption that has already occurred within society.

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Female Immigrant Subjectivities And The Politics Of Voice

During the decade of the eighties in El Salvador, the government would armed forces and recruit children that are approximately twelve years old out of their schools. Since Chava is only eleven years old, he still has a year of innocence, which means a year before he is conscripted to fight against the rebels of Farabundo Marà ­i National Liberation Front (FMLN). Chava’s life becomes at risk since it is a game of survival and he carries negative effects with violence. Although with the love of his mother and with a classmate, Chava finds the bravery to keep positive understandings and stay alert against time before he might get recruited. According to Yahaira Padilla, in Hermanas lejanas? Female Immigrant Subjectivities and the Politics of†¦show more content†¦This film was taken place before by Oscar Torres; the person who co-wrote the script was once situated before becoming a teenager. Torres wanted to parallel his ending when he landed to the United States at the same time when Chava left El Salvador. On the other hand, Luis Mandoki, a Mexican film director that enjoys putting real life situations in a movie. While reading â€Å"Re-membering the Nation: Gap and Reckoning within Biographical Accounts of Salvadoran Émigrà ©s† by Susan Bibler Coutin compares and contrast the narratives of after the Civil War in El Salvador. During those twelve years of war, majority of people were separated because of international emigration and violence (Coutin 2011). In contrast, Coutin argues to the audience that Central American minorities narrate their personal experience just to relink their historical events, just as Torres. There are many war films that can relate to â€Å"Voces Inocentes†, but unfortunately it is rare that a twelve-year-old kid tells the story throughout his own experience. I guarantee that most people would not want to live around a ‘barrio’ that is around with death like the one in this film. On the other hand, Mandoki prefers to show the brutal that military soldiers would do at the time to the children; death and terror. The film tends to bring different tones such like having its humor once in a while and how

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Calcium and Vitamin D Supplementation

Question: Discuss about the Calcium and Vitamin D Supplementation. Answer: Introduction: Cells need glucose for the formation of ATP. ATP is an active molecule in all body cells. The role of ATP is to initiate conformational changes in the cell. The conformational change allows cells to serve many functions like the movement of proteins, enzyme activation, making of proteins, and cell replication just to mention a few. In this case, cells need glucose in order to produce energy. Other than glucose, cells can produce energy from other sources like sugar, fats, proteins, and alcohol (Burmeister, Ayala, Smouse, Rocha Ayala, 2017). Homeostasis refers to the maintenance of a stable internal environment based on the changes in the external environment. The maintenance is imperative in order to maintain metabolism. In this case, it is essential for the body to maintain the glucose in the blood by the use of the hormonal system. After there is an elevation of blood glucose, the level of glucose begins to rise because of the carbohydrates, which are digested and absorbed. The rise in glucose level is detected by the beta cells that will produce additional insulin (Stechemesser, Eder, Feldman, Strasser Zandanell, 2017). The insulin produced connects with the proteins in the liver, this leads to more protein channels opening to allow entry of more glucose to enter the blood cells. In addition, the insulin facilitates the enzyme to change glucose into glycogen for storage. The level of glucose in the blood is calculated in terms of milligrams per deciliter. Generally, if there is an imbalance in the level of glucose i n the blood, the pancreas will produce the required amount of insulin in order to bring the glucose to the required range (Soares, Pannu, Calton, Reid Hills, 2017). For a homeostasis, there is always some insulin being produced by the pancreas to meet the fluctuating glucose level in the blood. With an elevated glucose level, glucose will be too high in the body to be absorbed, the amount of insulin will spike in response to the increasing amount of glucose. The spike in insulin levels is to create a balance for glucose in the blood. In most cases, the spike happens too fast, which is almost simultaneous and falls when the amount of glucose falls. Therefore, when there is an elevation of glucose in the blood, the pancreas releases insulin, which brings a balance for intake into the cells (Mulvihill, Varin, Gladana, Baggio Bang, 2017). Getting sufficient vitamin D and calcium is vital for strong and dense bones. Other than building bones, calcium is responsible for a blood clot, muscle contract, and nerve functions. On the other hand, vitamin D is essential for the protection of bones and the absorption of calcium. Calcium can be found foods like dairy products, non- fat milk, cheese, greens, cereals, and bread. Similarly, vitamin D can be received from sunlight, foods, and supplements. Vitamin D can be found in foods like fatty fish, salmon, soy milk, and tuna. Both vitamin D and calcium are necessary for a healthy body (Wang, Wende, Campbell, Nie Balcom, 2017). The body needs sufficient Vitamin D for the absorption of calcium. Both calcium and vitamin D are vital for strong bones. A deficiency of vitamin D and calcium in the body can lead to health complications like rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults. If these conditions are left untreated, they can lead to brittle bones, soft bones, muscle and bone pain, and general body weakness. In addition, deficiency of vitamin D and calcium can lead to osteoporosis, which is associated with a reduction in the bone density which will lead to a risk of bone fractures and falls (Dawson, Harris, Krall Dallal, 2017) References Burmeister, M. A., Ayala, J. E., Smouse, H., Landivar-Rocha, A., D. J., ... Ayala, J. E. (2017). The Hypothalamic Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 Receptor Is Sufficient but Not Necessary for the Regulation of Energy Balance and Glucose Homeostasis in Mice.Diabetes,66(2), 372-384. Dawson-Hughes, B., Harris, S. S., Krall, E. A., Dallal, G. E. (2017). Effect of calcium and vitamin D supplementation on bone density in men and women 65 years of age or older.New England Journal of Medicine,337(10), 670-676. Mulvihill, E. E., Varin, E. M., Gladanac, B., J. R., Baggio, L. L., ... Bang, K. A. (2017). Cellular Sites and Mechanisms Linking Reduction of Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 Activity to Control of Incretin Hormone Action and Glucose Homeostasis.Cell Metabolism,25(1), 152-165. Soares, M. J., Pannu, P. K., Calton, E. K., Reid, C. M., Hills, A. P. (2017). Vitamin D status and calcium intake in systemic inflammation, insulin resistance and the metabolic syndrome: An update on current evidence.Trends in Food Science Technology. Stechemesser, L., Eder, Feldman, A., Strasser, M., ... Zandanell, S. (2017). Metabolomic profiling identifies potential pathways involved in the interaction of iron homeostasis with glucose metabolism.Molecular Metabolism,6(1), 38-47. Wang, Y., Wactawski-Wende, J., Sucheston-Campbell K. M., Nie, J., ... Ochs-Balcom, H. M. (2017). The influence of genetic susceptibility and calcium plus vitamin D supplementation on fracture risk.The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,105(4), 970-979.